Oxbridge students have virtual meeting with Principal of Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford
13th October 2021

Our Year 13 Oxbridge applicants were invited to discuss Oxbridge admissions with the new Principal of Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, Professor Christine Gerrard and Dr Anne Mullen, Senior Tutor and Tutor for Admissions. They were joined by Mr Botwe as they discussed personal statements, interviews, admission tests and choice of college. Professor Gerrard explained how students’ personal statements should demonstrate their curiosity and ongoing intellectual interest in the subject they have applied to read. The statements should also demonstrate initiative and how students have taken opportunities to develop their understanding of a subject. For example, students should be reading around the subject and taking the opportunity to visit local universities where free public lectures are on offer. Dr Mullen advised students that the interview should really be renamed a ‘mock tutorial’. One key piece of advice was not to be afraid to retract a statement if you feel you’ve gone down the wrong path. Tutors are looking for flexible minds and want to see the process of how you think. As for the dreaded pre-interview tests, Professor Gerrard urged students to familiarise themselves with the format and practise past papers to avoid any surprises on the day – a great tip which applies to every exam.