Takeover is back at Tytherington!!!!
12th June 2022

Excitement rocked Tytherington School on Thursday 9th June as students once again took over their teachers’ and other staff roles for Takeover Day. Because of covid, Tytherington have not been able to hold their annual event for the last two years. On Thursday over 100 students were chosen to take over staff roles to give them leadership experience and a sense of what it takes to run a school. Several staff were taken over for the day, including the Headteacher. Many of the roles students took on included opportunities to develop leadership skills such as public speaking, time management and collaboration. Students from all over the school took part in various roles including Languages teacher, caretaker, Deputy Headteacher and Business Director.

Lily-May Bennet and Selene Mason both in Year 7 who took over the role of the Headtecaher in the morning. After lunch time, the Headteacher was taken over by Elysia Reddy in Year 7 and James Donlon in Year 8.

Selene commented that the experience had “really given her an opportunity to see how the school works ”.She added: “I now appreciate what goes on behind the scenes to enable a school to run.”

Headteacher, Mr Botwe, said: “It was great to see this event back after a two-year absence. We really believe in giving young people the opportunity to take on real leadership experiences. We are very lucky to work at a school where so many staff and students engage with the day.”