Work Experience – Year 10

Work Experience 2021/22 

The preparations for the Year 10 Work Experience programme are now underway. The dates for 2021/22 will be Monday 11th July 2022 to Friday 15th July 2022 

Students have two options for their Work Experience placement: 

      1. Self-placement

Students find and apply for their own placement with a business of their choice. 

Mploy solutions will process the self-placement and check for the required insurances. This option is particularly recommended as it ensures that your son/daughter’s placement fits the Work Experience they prefer.  

*All self-placement forms must be fully completed before they can be processed, this means: 

      1. Company contact details
      2. Student signature
      3. Parental signature
      4. Employer signature with the business’s insurance details including Employer Liability insurance policy number.

*A placement cannot be approved unless the employer has current Employer Liability Insurance 

Students were issued with self-placement forms in their WEX assembly, spare copies are available from Mrs Amron in the office and form teachers. 

      1. Placed by MPloy Solutions Ltd 

Students submit a questionnaire and are placed in one of three business sectors they select within a travel area they have specified (the further a student can travel in the Cheshire area, the greater the choice).  

What do I do now? 

Please discuss with your son/daughter which option they would prefer to do. What type of work would they like to do? If students decide to apply through Mploy, then they must give 3 choices of Job types to help Employ find them a place, i.e., Office work, Construction etc. This will be done during their application at home or in school. An area within which they can travel to work must also be considered, as the online application will ask for towns/places the student is able to travel to. 

If you wish your daughter/son to Self-Place, then you should start to approach businesses to place with. It is also mandatory that the Business possess Employer liability insurance (ELI). The deadline for Self-placement forms is April 29th 2022. However, it is prudent to return forms as soon as possible to ensure placements can be checked and approved in good time. 

Please direct any questions and enquires to Mr Bowyer. Further information will follow as we progress. 

MPLOY Work Experience Self Placement Form