Geography MicroSite

Welcome to the Geography Micro-Site! A source of revision, preparation and support materials for Tytherington School’s Key Stage 4 students and their parents…


The Geography MicroSite has a number of folders to help you with revision, preparation and support materials. Open the web-folders containing the great range of Child Development resources by clicking here.

The web-folders page is password protected. Please see your Geography teachers, Mr Pilbury, Miss Higgins, Mrs Holley, or contact the School Office for the password to the folders site.

The web-folders page is structured in the following way:

1 – PLC Sheets – Personalised Learning Checklists

The PLC sheets contain a list of statements for each topic that the exam board expect the students to know.

To use this effectively download or print off a copy and use the RAG rating system to identify areas where you struggle. Bring this to revision sessions and to normal lessons when we are carrying out revision.

2 – Revision Websites

This contains a list of websites you can use for revision. We will update this list as the year goes on. If you have any recommendations please tell your Geography teacher.

3 – General Revision Resources

This contains a number of files to help with revision.

  • General revision resources – These contain information sheets about how to answer questions, common mistakes and guided revision timetables.
  • Specific revision materials – These contain information for each topic. They are great for learning the basic facts.
  • Revision booklets – These are human and physical booklets that contain structured questions to help with examination technique.
  • Kahoot knowledge quizzes – This contains links to various Kahoot quizzes to help with revision of case studies and the basic facts about the topics.
  • Revision Mats – A great way to remember information on the topics. You need to fill in mats for each topic. These are an excellent way to reinforce and develop your memory skills.
  • GCSE command words and key terms – This is a list of the command words that the exams will use and what they mean by each one, e.g. Explain:  Students should make something clear, or state the reasons for something happening.
  • Structure Strips – These will help improve your examination technique with the longer 6 and 9 mark questions. They cover all the units.

4 – Specific Topics

This contains a number of files to help with revision. You will find the nine main units here:

  1. Challenge of Natural Hazards
  2. The Living World
  3. Physical Landscapes in the UK
  4. Resource Management
  5. Urban Issues and Challenges
  6. The Changing Economic World
  7. Fieldwork
  8. Issue Evaluation (Pre-release)
  9. Geographical Skills

Within each folder you will find:

  • Revision booklets to complete
  • PowerPoints to help you complete the revision booklets
  • A revision list
  • Text books and revision guides
  • Exam questions with mark schemes. Completing past exam papers is a great way to not only experience what the real thing will be like, but also helps reinforce the knowledge. Do not be afraid to use the mark scheme and work backwards;can you work out why that is the correct answer or where it comes from