1. Year 6 into Year 7 Transition
      2. In-Year Admissions (Secondary Age School Transfers)
      3. Appeals


Year 6 into Year 7 Transition

Students are primarily drawn from our local communities of Tytherington, Bollington, and surrounding areas.

Our main partner Primary schools are:

Bollington Cross Primary School
Dean Valley Community Primary School
Bollington St. John’s CE Primary School
Hurdsfield Primary School
Kettleshulme St. James CE Primary School
Marlborough Primary School
Puss Bank School
Rainow Primary School

Please note that Parkroyal Primary School is named as a feeder school in our Admissions Policy.

We have very large numbers of students who come to the school from primary schools located in Macclesfield Town and the surrounded areas. We accept applications from students even if they do not attend one of our partner primary schools.

We attach great importance to maintaining positive links with our partner schools.
A member of our Leadership Team, together with our Intake Co-ordinator, have overall responsibility for primary liaison.

In line with the School Admission Code, we may refuse to admit if we consider that admitting the child would seriously prejudice the provision of efficient education or efficient use of resources.

Our 2021 admissions policy can be viewed here.

Our 2022 admissions policy can be viewed here.

Our 2023 admissions policy can be viewed here.

Our 2024 admissions policy can be viewed here.

Our 2025 admissions policy can be viewed here.

School Admissions policy in Cheshire East
Telephone: 0300 123 5012
Website: School Admissions in Cheshire East

If you are not living in our catchment area but wish your child to attend here you
must contact The Admissions and Transfer Team (Telephone No: 0300 123 5012)

In-Year Admissions

“In-Year Admissions” are made when a parent of a child that is already of secondary school age makes an application to Tytherington School for a transfer from their current place of education.

If you are interested in your child transferring to Tytherington School through this method, please contact us in order to find out if there are places available in the appropriate school year group and arrange a meeting and school tour with our Headteacher.

Once you have had a meeting and school tour and an offer of a place has been made, we will request that you complete our school admissions forms and provide details of your application to Cheshire East using the contact details above.

Please note that we will make contact with a child’s current place of education when an enquiry or application is made.

Please note that we are unable to process any “In-Year Admissions” during a holiday period. Any enquiries or applications made during a holiday period will begin to be processed on return to normal term time. Please see our ‘Term Dates’ within the ‘Information’ menu for when holiday periods and term times are.


Appeals will be dealt with in accordance with the School Admission Appeals Code which came into force on the 1st February 2012.

Should an application for a place at Tytherington School be unsuccessful, parents/carers will be notified of their legal right of appeal against the decision of the Admissions Authority, i.e. the Governing Body.

Parents/carers will be required to complete an appeal form which must be returned to the school.

Appeals for Year 7 Places at Tytherington

Appeals Statement

Tytherington School – Appeal Form

Admission Appeals Leaflet

Tytherington School follows the same school applications timetable, and therefore timetable for appeals, as the Cheshire East Local Authority (LA). Therefore, please see the Cheshire East School Applications Timetable for full details.