Accelerated Reader Programme

At Tytherington School, students in KS3 use the Accelerated Reader Programme. This is a programme that motivates students to read, monitors their reading and helps them to select suitably challenging books to read.

How does it work?

An initial quick test (Star) lets students know what book level they are. All fiction books in the library are colour coded so they know what level each book is. Once they have read a book, they log on to the AR website and complete a quiz. If they get 85% correct, they pass the quiz and earn points.  They can track on the website how many books they have read, how many words they have read, what percentage they are getting correct and what their average book level is (based on their understanding of the books they have read). At the end of each term students are rewarded for their point scores and percentage correct on the quizzes.

Can they do this with any book?

AR currently has about 30,000 popular children’s book titles and the number grows every day. New releases are unlikely to be on AR as the company have to assess the book and add it to their database first, which takes a couple of months. You can find out which books are on AR by using the ‘AR bookfinder website’.

Does my child get the opportunity to read in school ?

All pupils have opportunities to read within the Accelerated Reader scheme during the school day.  As with any skill, performance improves with practice, so pupils are expected to read for at least 30 minutes every day at school and home.  Every child has a reading record to note what they have been reading and we ask parents/guardians to check this record weekly.

What does the school do with the information?

We use the students’ test scores to monitor their reading ability and comprehension. It allows English and support staff to see which students are reading regularly and which may need more support or intervention. We can also track the progress students are making in their reading ability.

Can I see how my child is performing?

The AR ‘home connect’ site allows you to log on to your own son / daughter’s progress page and see how they are doing. You can also add in your email information so the site automatically emails you if they take a quiz and tells you how they did. This is great for allowing you to have meaningful conversations with your child about the books they are reading. Just follow the link below to the site. Your log in details are the same as your child’s.

Username is usually their first initial followed by the first 4 letters of their surname, eg Louise Smith would be LSMIT      

Passwords for everyone is ABC


Every week tutors will celebrate the achievements of students’ who have completed a book, successfully taken a quiz, or who have reached their target. (Each pupil has an individualised target based on their reading level and achievement

Every half term students’ who have shown commitment and enthusiasm may get the opportunity to have a reward breakfast within the English Department.

Every term students’ who have shown exceptional achievement will have a celebration breakfast with our Head Teacher Mr Botwe.