Bad Weather Arrangements

Site Gritting Arrangements in Bad Weather

We have produced the attached zoned gritting plan as a common sense approach to the clearance of ice on the school site during periods of bad weather. The plan advises the order and time by which the paths will be cleared.

Please note that the side and back gates will remain closed until the paths have been cleared.

Students, parents, school staff  and visitors to the site should wear footwear and clothing appropriate for the conditions.

If heavy snowfall occurs clearance time will be longer; on these occasions further guidance will be posted at the school gates and in reception.

Site Gritting Plan

School Closure Arrangements

In extreme weather conditions every effort will be made to keep the school site open. However if there has been heavy snowfall overnight it may be unsafe to open the school for staff and students.

Any closure will be posted on the school’s website by 7am. Silk FM Radio (106.9) and Heart Radio* (105.4) will also be notified of the closure. *previously known as Century FM/Real Radio

The school website will also be used to provide up to date information about any closure or changed arrangements for the school day.

If the school is open, our hope is that school buses will be able to make the journey into school and we shall handle any late registration procedures to ensure we know who is on site at any time. During the day we shall keep in contact with the transport companies and make decisions as appropriate about early departure from school if conditions are worsening.

We would ask that you have contingency plans for the care of your child/children if snow or ice prevents the official transport from being used and, of course we shall understand if this means that they are not able to be in school on that day. We hope that these arrangements can also extend to emergency supervision should we have to dismiss students early. If you are keeping your child at home during bad weather, please notify this absence in the usual way.

Guidelines For Parents Whose Children Travel on the School Buses

Advice for parents during bad weather:


  • Ensure that your child knows that, should the bus be late, they should remain at the bus stop. If it is more than half an hour late they should ring the school to find out if/when it is expected to arrive.
  • Ensure your child knows or has the school telephone number.
  • Ensure your child has your contact telephone details.
  • Ensure that your child has credit on his/her phone.
  • Ensure that you have made contingency arrangements should the weather conditions be so extreme that the bus is unable to reach the bus stop.
  • Ensure that, on the rare occasions where the bus has broken down or is held up in very bad traffic, your child knows that they should remain on the bus. For information, the bus driver will make contact with the school when the bus is stationary to advise us of the estimated time of arrival of the students.