Staff Directory

If you have any queries about your child’s education, please e-mail and put the name of the relevant Head of Year in the title so they message can be directed to them.

Teaching Staff

Name Responsibility
J Ackerley English
S Acreman Science/Chemistry
K Bailey Psychology/Sociology
G Barlow Head of Mathematics
J Barlow Geography
V Beaud Modern Languages
R Beecher Music
C Beardsell Geography
I Bennett English/Head of English
L Beswick Science/Chemistry
E Booth Science/Physics
E Botwe Headteacher
D Bowyer Business Studies/Careers Leader
C Brennan Child Development/Assistant Headteacher – Pupil Premium and Community
A Brown Cover Supervisor/Data Officer
J Brereton PSHE/Psychology
A Burgess Science/Biology
A Burke Mathematics
C Burke English/Head of Advanced Learners
K Butterworth English
L Butterworth Mathematics/KS3 Coordinator
R King-Smith Mathematics
J Clowes Physical Education/PE Technician
D Collins Mathematics/KS4 Coordinator
L Cook Modern Languages/Oxbridge Coordinator
N Cooke Geography/2nd in Department
G Cooper Technology/Head of Technology
D Coppock Business Studies/Head of Business Studies/Director of Career Academy
J Cross Mathematics
S Curtis Science/Biology
J Davies Psychology
R Fellows Head of Drama/Head of Year 13
D Fitzsimmons Head of PE/Head of Year 12
N Fryer Science/Biology
M Gannon Modern Languages/Assistant Headteacher – CPD and Curriculum Plus+
E Gibbons Cover Supervisor/Lettings Co-ordinator
B Graham Art/Head of Art
R Hadley English/KS3 Coordinator
S Hannigan History
K Harris Geography
M Harvey Physical Education
L Healey Modern Languages/Assistant Headteacher – SENCo and Transition
A Henshall Physical Education
A Henshall Physical Education
K Hofton Modern Languages
S Holley Head of Year 10
C Jones Science/Physics
K Kang Mandarin
N Kaprielian Technology/Link Specialist Tutor
R Keeping Modern Languages/Head of Modern Languages
S Kilcourse English/Lead Teacher
J Knowles Science/Biology
D Lilley Music/Head of Music
C Linaker Physical Education/Head of Years 8 & 9
E Lock Physical Education
J Mander Technology/Child Development
H Massey Mathematics
A McClusky Science/Chemistry
M Ogilvie Mathematics/KS5 Coordinator
T Parker Mathematics
K Pearson History/Head of History
D Pepper Physical Education/Assistant Headteacher – Behaviour & Attendance
E Pepper Mathematics/KS3 Coordinator
A Pilbury Geography/Deputy Headteacher – Raising Standards
F Pope English/Assistant Headteacher (Presently on Maternity Leave)
L Prince English/2nd in Department
H Pugh History/Assistant Headteacher – Director of KS3
P Pugh History/Lead Teacher: Teaching and Learning/ITT & ECT Coordinator
T Quigley Art
S Ratcliff Science/KS3 Coordinator
M Raybould Computer Science
K Rees English/KS5 Coordinator
L Rimmer Physical Education/2nd in Department
D Robinson Cover Supervisor
J Roe Mathematics
R Roe Modern Languages/ Associate Headteacher – Head of Sixth Form
J Rockett Drama/Head of Year 11
M Schindler Modern Languages
K Schofield Science/ Biology
R Singer Computer Science/Head of Computer Science
A Taylor Art/Textiles
C Taylor Design & Technology
M Thorp Science/Chemistry
L Tunley Geography/Head of Geography
D Vigorito Presti English
I Walls Computer Science
L Wallett History/2nd in Department/Lead Teacher
L Wallis Science/Chemistry/2nd in Science/BTEC Coordinator
P Watson Physics/Head of Science/Timetabling and Curriculum Support
C Wearne Religious Education
D Wood History
K Goldie KS3 Nurture Teacher/Psychology
G Yates English/Head of Classics/Oxbridge Coordinator

Learning Support

Name Responsibility
G Alshikh-Khalil Hub Mentor
J Baguley Links Teacher
D Barnett Links Teacher
S Begum Hub Mentor
G Briggs Hub Mentor
L Broadbent Wellbeing Coordinator
J Clapham Links Teacher
E Gee Hub Mentor
A Hill Intervention Mentor
A James Links Mentor
H Jones Links Teacher
N Kamianets Hub Mentor
N Lewis Links Tutor
T Machin Hub Administrator
D Masset Hub Mentor
L Procter Bridges Manager
T Simpson Hub Coordinator
M Slack Hub Mentor
H Snellgrove Hub Mentor
K Staniland Links Tutor
M Stockdale Hub Mentor
A Talman Bridges Learning Mentor
J Timms Hub Manager
H Ward Hub Mentor
J Wiseman Hub Mentor
H Wood Bridges Learning Mentor
C Woods Head of Year 7

Support Staff

Name Responsibility
M Aley Lettings Assistant
F Allen HR & H&S Manager
G Amron Senior Administrator
I Armitt Caretaker
J Atkins Foreign Language Assistant
M Bailey Cleaner
T Balasco Cleaner
J Bostock Pastoral Support Officer
J Bowden 6th Form Admin/Pastoral Support Officer
H Bowers Attendance Officer
H Brady HR and Payroll Manager
A Brown Maths/Data Officer
K Brown Science Technician
S Burnham Exams and Health & Safety Assistant
J Clayton Examinations Officer
P Clewley Receptionist
I Connolly Business Manager
H Cooper Finance Administrator
S Cunningham PA to Headteacher/Administrator
E Gibbons Lettings Co-ordinator
J Gibson Food Technician
M Glover Site Maintenance Officer
R Green IT Technician
T Haselwood Business Director
P Hewitt Cleaner
E Hilton Science Technician
P Hutchings Cleaner
L Kenny Pastoral Support Officer
M King Strategic IT Manager
M Knapikova Cleaner
N Lake Cleaner
P Lake Cleaning Supervisor
J Leigh Media Officer
C Leonard Finance Officer
R Machin D&T Technician
S McGuire Pastoral Support Officer
M McMahon Cleaner
C Moore Cover Supervisor & Data Administrator
D Morris Site Maintenance Officer
L Mounkley Cleaner
K Nuttall Pastoral Manager
I Parker Cleaner
J Parramore Senior Science Technician
E Pike Reprographics Assistant
L Proctor Head of Administration/Data Manager/Timetable
D Reed Cleaner
A Regeniter Foreign Language Assistant
J Rowley Senior IT Technician
B Shatwell Cleaner
P Shatwell Operational Designated Safeguarding Lead
I Wadsworth Site Maintenance Manager
N Whitehall Assistant Site Manager