Tytherington is very much a community school, and with this in mind Tytherington School Network aims to connect our current community with our wider community of former pupils who may be situated around the globe.

In comparison to 1965 when the school was established, this century will be the globally connected era.  Students may not follow a single career path which they navigate until retirement, but will most probably be required to change their career and role as the global market place dictates.  Tytherington School Network  provides a non-elitist online community focused on enabling and supporting career development by allowing former students to stay in touch while connecting current pupils with potential role models, mentors, or work placement providers.

Tytherington School Network provides a wide range of support to the current school community:

  • inspiring career and education role models
  • volunteers
  • work experience providers
  • governors
  • donors
  • mentors

Additionally the network also provides benefits for our former students:

  • an opportunity to reconnect with former fellow students
  • a way to link professionally with other former students to help with career development
  • a way to keep abreast of what is happening at school

Tytherington School Network is accessed via online networking platforms which operate outside the control of the school.  These groups are moderated by former pupils and are not controlled or monitored by Tytherington School.  However, there is a school member who may post requests for mentors, speakers or work placements.  Those requesting membership need to have accounts with Facebook, LinkedIn, or both, and instructions on how to create these accounts can be found below.  All requests to join the groups will be authorised by the moderators who will request your name when you were at the school, your date of birth, your last form tutor, and your year of leaving.  If you are interested in becoming a member then we invite you to join our LinkedIn and Facebook groups using the links attached.

Network Group Rules

  • All members will show respect and focus on information of value to the Network when posting to the groups
  • All offers of help will be made in good faith and should comply with relevant legislation at all times
  • Any offensive comments will be taken down and the member posting the comments may be excluded from the group(s)
  • The school accepts no liability for the content of opportunities presented through the groups
  • All members are required to confirm that they have read and understood Facebook and LinkedIn’s privacy policies and community guidelines


  1. You must be a member of Facebook and/or LinkedIn before you can join the respective Tytherington School Network closed group.  Please see the links below on how to join up:
  2. Follow the online link from the Network page to join the groups
  3. Send a request to join
  4. You will receive an email from one of the moderators requesting your name whilst at Tytherington School, your date of birth, your last form tutor and your year of leaving
  5. Once you have sent this information you will receive an acceptance email confirming your membership of the group/s


Tytherington School Network on LinkedIn
Tytherington School Network on Facebook

This is your Network; please help to make it thrive