Our Tytherington Teaching Principles

The Tytherington Teaching Principles set out the principles of better practice to support our overarching aim: that students experience high quality teaching and learning in every classroom every day.

The Principles cover our high expectations for behaviour and achievement including the importance of high level, subject specific literacy and the promotion of a culture of aspiration.  They also look at the importance of understanding how students learn and the implementation of a well-designed and sequenced curriculum that takes into account the importance of memory, retrieval and practice to support students in making progress. Finally, the principles seek to address the needs of all our students with a focus on the importance of carefully constructed assessments, effective feedback and inclusive adaptive teaching strategies that stretch and support as appropriate.

Our intention with these principles is that our students will leave school with the skills and knowledge to enter the world of work or academia. Crucially, we intend that they equip students with the skills and knowledge to deal with a rapidly changing world. Students leaving Tytherington should be prepared to face the challenges of the 21st century world and have the characteristics that make their communities a better place to live.