Gap Year

An option after 6th form or college is a ‘Gap’ year before university.

Some useful links and guides are here to help you investigate what a Gap year involves and how to organize it.

A worthwhile gap year will teach you to be self-reliant, to manage your money, enhance your team working skills and increase your maturity.

Good activities for your gap year
  • Voluntary work at home or abroad
  • Work experience or a temporary job
  • Independent travel
  • Learning a new skill e.g. a foreign language
Bad activities for your gap year
  • Lying in bed all day because you have no reason to get up
  • Spending all the money you earn
  • Travelling the hippy trail for the whole year and then boring people with your stories when you come home
  • Staying at home for the whole year and not stepping outside your comfort zone
Advantages of taking a gap year
  • Developing ”soft” skills such as communication and a “can do” attitude
  • Earning money to support yourself through university
  • Being inspired by new experiences
  • Fulfilling your potential and becoming a more rounded person
  • Experience volunteering and active citizenship to build strong local communities here and abroad
Pitfalls of a gap year
  • Financial strain if you don’t find paid work
  • Losing the habit of studying
  • Floating through the year not doing anything constructive with your time
  • Finding yourself in an unsafe situation if you don’t plan your travel and volunteering carefully
What employers like about candidates who have taken a well planned gap year
  • You will have a stronger CV
  • You will show perseverance, commitment and dedication
  • You will increase your transferable skills
  • You will be better mentally prepared for the world of work

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