Dangers of Dropping off at Badger Road & Manchester Road
15th November 2015

Please can we alert you to the danger posed by dropping off children in the roads around the school, and particularly in Badger Road and on Manchester Road.

With respect to Badger Road we have been made aware of how sudden braking in the road led to a parent having to put their brakes on heavily and subsequently one of our Sixth Form students on a bike went into the back of them. Luckily our student and no-one in the car was injured but both the car and the bike were damaged. Please can we ask that suitable time is given to indication of stopping and pulling over for the safety of others.

On Manchester Road, some parents continue to drop their children off by stopping in either the cycle lane or on the double yellow lines along the road. As previously raised in a letter from Mr Botwe in early October, highlighting a near miss in the cycle lane, can we please stress that the cycle lane and double yellow line areas along Manchester Road and outside of our access gate are not areas where students can safely be dropped off. We ask that parents make use of our turning circle in order to do this, ensuring that our students and members of the public may use the Manchester Road cycle lane safely.