Headteacher’s Notes 3rd May
3rd May 2024

Headteacher’s Notes

Dear Families,

I hope you are well. Thank you for joining us for this week’s Notes. As I write the introduction, I can see the Year 11 GCSE PE students preparing for their GCSE moderation today. This week many of our Year 11s and 13s have been involved in various examinations including Art, Textiles and Languages speaking assessments.

The majority of our Year 11s will have their very first public examinations next week. We wish the Year 11s and 13s all the best. We are very much looking forward to celebrating with them when the examinations are over. The school day will move to a 2:1:2 structure during the examination period so lunch will take place before period 4.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank AstraZeneca for partnering with us in a paper recycling project. You can read about how the initiative is reducing waste later in this edition.