Freedom Technology Chromebook Offer to Tytherington School Students – Summer 2024
7th May 2024

To download a copy of the following message in letter format, please click here.

Dear Families,

Spurred on by the needs of home-learning during the lockdowns of the pandemic, we have linked with Freedom Technology in the 2019/20 and subsequent academic years to offer the opportunity of purchasing Chromebooks with a three-year guaranteed repair service which provides a free of charge repair or replacement for any damaged, faulty or stolen device. Offering our students the opportunity to work with our FireFly and Microsoft 365 Teams platforms on a device with a larger screen than a mobile phone.

We are pleased to let you know that we are making the scheme available again, through Freedom Technology, to all students due to attend Tytherington School in the 2024/25 academic year, enabling parents/guardians to purchase Chromebooks at favourable rates – from £13.55 per month, paid back over up to three school years (or the option to purchase outright without VAT).

Tytherington School will manage the operating system of the device and allow students to set up a school-work account, using their school log-in details and accessing our FireFly and Microsoft 365 platforms, and a separate personal account for anything outside of schoolwork. When using the Chromebook in school, only the schoolwork account will be accessible. All financial and payment plan management will be handled between yourself and Freedom Technology.

Please see the accompanying leaflet for further information about the scheme and to make an order.

The leaflet also details frequently asked questions, details of how to place an order and who to contact for further information, including financial support. Please note that there is a time constrained window for ordering that closes strictly on Wednesday 10th July 2024.

Order by… First Payment Taken by Freedom Tech on… Chromebooks expected to be delivered and issued to students or ready for collection by parents…
Wednesday 10th July 2023 Thursday 25th July 2024

Then another payment on 25th August 2024 and so on, monthly

Start of the 2024/25 Academic Year

Early September – We will contact parents/carers to inform when they have been delivered and are ready

We are, of course, able to provide some financial support to the parents/carers of those students that are in receipt of the Pupil Premium.

  • Pupil Premium and presently in receipt of Free School Meals – 40% of the cost will be paid by Tytherington School
  • Pupil Premium and not presently in receipt of Free School Meals – 30% of the cost will be paid by Tytherington School

If you are a parent/carer of a student in receipt of the Pupil Premium, and would like access to the above subsidies, please email before Monday 8th July 2024 and we will check our records and send you the appropriate link for ordering with the subsidy.

We recognise that, at this time, there may be others that are facing financial hardship. Therefore, please do get in touch if you require support.

We hope that this link with Freedom Technology is beneficial to you and please to get in touch if you have any questions.

Best wishes,

Mr Andy Pilbury

Deputy Headteacher